Deeds not Words: Alice Paul makes the Google doodle today


Alice Paul, 1915

Check it out here.  For more on Alice Paul and her National Women’s Party–which offered the closest thing to militant suffrage in the U.S. in the 1910s–see this blast from the bloggy past, as well as my thoughts on Paul and the art of biography here.


Vicki Ruiz, outgoing AHA President

I’m just back from the American Historical Association annual conference in Atlanta last weekend.  I was involved in meetings most of Friday and Saturday, so wasn’t able to attend even a single panel or roundtable.  But I did see Vicki Ruiz’s inspiring Presidential Address, and have a few other observations to share in a later post, fingers crossed.


Jennifer Fish-Kashay, 1966-2016

Many thanks for the words of support from commenters on the last post.  I felt better, or at least able to get through the rest of the day without breaking down in tears, after writing it down and then reading your further thoughts.  An official obituary for Jennifer Fish-Kashay has appeared since then–you can find it here.

6 thoughts on “Deeds not Words: Alice Paul makes the Google doodle today

  1. Glad that you’re back on the mountain-side, Historiann, and hope that you had a good and productive run down at AHA. And at least a little break left over before things academic resume in earnest.


  2. Great session on Betsy Ross by Marla Miller (see tweet to right) and a veteran re-creator of the role at the nearby Betsy Ross House–held at the American Philosophical Society in Philly tonight. Book looks good too.


    • Thanks for the report, Indyanna! I also followed @monicalmercado ‘s tweets of the session, which included shout-outs to Colonial Barbie!


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