“Yes! That’s right! Keep yourself warm with that Ottawa burn!

John Oliver’s hilarious explanation of today’s election in Canada: the other famous Canadian Justin versus “your neighbor’s d!ckhead boyfriend.”

Good luck, Canada. Keep your stick on the ice.

p.s.  DON’T VOTE FOR STEPHEN HARPER!/Ne votez pas pour Stee-phen Har-PAIR.  Except, of course, Canada is a parliamentary democracy, and the only people who will vote for or against Harper live in his constituency, but whatever:  don’t vote Conservative today, friends.  And Canada, your $5,000 fine is in the mail, in nickels.

5 thoughts on ““Yes! That’s right! Keep yourself warm with that Ottawa burn!

  1. So, it looks like emo intelligence is going to be pouring down from the North Country this winter? Along with the requisite ration of lake effect snow on my western outpost? I actually remember old P.E. Trudeau. He and John Lindsey would have made a great tag-team ticket for the joint presidency of the Confederation of Northern North America. Les Habitants are also doing very well so far in the NHL.


  2. “And Canada, your $5,000 fine is in the mail, in nickels.”

    And that’s in -Canadian- dollars.

    Your wish has been granted, Historiann. Canada now has the hunkiest leader in the Western world. And a Liberal. And he even calls his debate opponents “mon amour”* . What could be sweeter?



    • MWahahahaha!!!! Yes, all of Canada reads and obeys Historiann.

      I seriously doubt JT & his government will come after me now for the dough, even if it *is* only tiny, adorable Canadian dollars.


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