Brief review of Mad Men’s final season premiere episode

Courtesy of Herschel Krustovski, a.k.a. Krusty the Clown–this was my only thought at 11 p.m. last night:

All they need are a few dancing dwarves, and it would have been Twin Peaks redux, with a few more mustaches. (WTF? Enough with the mustaches, then and now!)

Your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Brief review of Mad Men’s final season premiere episode

  1. I’m a big fan, but without cable I have to wait for it to hit Netflix. Still, I read recaps and reviews for every episode because though I can wait to see it, I can’t wait to hear about it. I’m gathering it was an odd episode?


  2. LOVE the Krusty klip! Is there anything for which an old Simpsons clip CAN’T provide relevant commentary? I think not.

    Also, agree on the mustaches. Sucked all the charm right out of Roger Sterling.


  3. Nick–Word on Roger’s mustache, esp.!!! Although it’s been clear for years that he’s able to roll with the times so much more effectively than Don is. Don’s ties have widened a bit, but he’s still wearing that suit and hat from 1962.

    Theresa–you can get it on i-Tunes the morning after each episode airs, and it’s only like $20 or so–and easier to use b/c I don’t think Netflix streams Mad Men.


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