Spring break!


Look out below!  You never know who’s crawling around in those palm trees way up high.  You’ll never guess who I ran into at the Huntington today:  my Lord Cleveland!  We had a great conversation over afternoon coffee.  He wrote something really useful about National Adjunct Walkout Day that might interest some of you.

All of a sudden it’s HOT in Southern California again–I’m outta here first thing in the morning, heading northwards to Santa Barbara, Big Sur, Monterey, San Francicso, and (best of all!) YOSEMITE NATONAL PARK!  Of the “big three” (along with Grand Canyon and Yellowstone), it’s the only one I’ve never seen before.

If you’re looking forward to a spring break or vacation yourself:  enjoy!  And I hope spring arrives on time wherever you are.

9 thoughts on “Spring break!

  1. Have a great one! Don’t try to scale the north face of El Capitan (or whatever) without ropes (or whatever). Spring Break is all but over where I am.


  2. I missed the Adjunct Walkout Day. One thing I worry about in that debate is that so often the only suggestion is to have more full-timers. But some of us don’t want full-time work. Nor do I want to have my job and that of several of my part-time colleagues taken over by a full-time hire.

    Maybe just treat part-timers better? Right now I have a wonderful dean, but I’m always at their mercy….


  3. I think academic employment should be flexible in ways that serve workers, not just management. At my uni, we have been working towards longer-term contracts (rather than just year-to-year) for our long-term, full-time lecturers.

    I’m pleased that one of our long-timers has applied for this status, but even still it’s not *really* a long-term contract, but rather still a one-year contract with a “presumption of renewal.” That is, not much of an improvement!


  4. It was great meeting you face-to-face, H’Ann! I hope the spring break trip was fun!

    For those of you who haven’t met Historiann in physical space: it’s cool, and she gives you lots of good advice.


  5. It was great to meet you too, but my Lord Cleveland needs no-one’s advice, I am sure.

    But that doesn’t mean he didn’t get it!. Hey, nonny nonny: he dust of Yosemite Valley is still on my toes as I type. Time for a bath and some laundry!


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