Schriebaschram 2015!

schreibaschram2From the H-WOMEN listserv this morning (edited only to embed links), we learn of a new writer’s retreat called the Schreibaschram, under the headline “If you want to get writing done:  “Get thee to a nunnery!”

Dear colleagues,

Quite ironically, the time for concentration and intellectual contemplation seems to be eroding at universities.  Therefore we have developed the project Writing Ashram– a monastary simulation for academics.  I would like to share new dates for this intensive writing retreat hosted by the University of the Arts Berlin with you.  It happens in the countryside outside Berlin.  The new quality in focus and boost of productivity, that come through living in this monastary-like daily structure, away from all chores, with other writers for a couple of days is quite astonishing.  So, do feel free to join us or share the information with colleagues!


August 1-7, 2015 as part of the Berlin Summer University. You find all information important details here.

Here are some photos to give you an idea.  Maybe this is also interesting for your university:  We offer this unique course for exclusive groups, such as graduate schools, and research teams all over Europe.

Let there be output!  Best wishes,

Ingrid Scherübl

p.s.  And yes, this is a secular endeavour!

This sounds a heck of a lot more fun than my scheme from 2013, which involved an actual imitation of convent life from 4-6 a.m. (with writing substituting for prayer.)  And the first week of August is only about 6 weeks after the summer solstice, which means that in northern Europe, it’s still crazy light until 9 or 10 o’clock at night, which I always find very energizing.


4 thoughts on “Schriebaschram 2015!

  1. My place is nowhere as fancy or prestigious as this University of the Arts, but I have long been contemplating offering my house as a summer writing retreat. I just wonder if there would be any takers.


  2. That’s an impressive-looking chat-teau! My only worry would be that there would be so much collective excitement generated by the prospect of finally having time and space for concentration and contemplation that over the course of a short week, while getting to know the fellow Ashramites, it would be hard to settle into either, much less writing. But the idea of a wake-up “gong” is enticing, to say nothing of “lights out.”

    For me, writing and non-writing tend to happen in long waves, cycles, and pulses, and when it’s “on,” maybe the environment is not that determinative, as long as its quiet. And it’s neither pretty nor disciplined even when it’s happening. When it’s “off” it’s really off.


  3. Theresa–you should post it at You never know! I think there’s also a sabbatical house swap website but I don’t know what it is–maybe someone else will know.

    Indyanna: What I love about this concept is that they’ve done all of the thinking and planning (not to mention, cooking and cleaning!) for you. All you do is show up and write, and they even tell you when to get out of bed, when to have tea, when to go back to bed, etc.


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