6 thoughts on “I don’t want to say this twice.

  1. Hah! An authoritative female (and also a strong one, notwithstanding the very girly curls and cap; look at those arms, shoulders, and hands). Who is she? A goddess of some sort?

    Also, the camellia (I think) behind her is incredible. I had a similar one outside my study window for some years, and it was often lovely, but also often turned to mush by cold temperatures. This one is clearly in a much more hospitable climate, and thriving.


  2. Yes, the camellias are in bloom at the Huntington–they surround the sculpture garden, where I took this photo last Thursday.

    I don’t know who that lady is meant to represent, if anyone, but I liked her because of her almost-Preaching Hand as well as the camellias in the background.


  3. You definitely got the tonality of the body language right with the caption, Historian. I think this is the staffer who they send out to round readers up who go to lunch and keep on going, into the deep gardens, and make a habit of doing that. Who wants to pull that box of Stowe Papers day after day (after day) if it isn’t going to be used after 11:45 a.m.?


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