A Very Special Christmas


Christmas trees on the beach are A Thing here.

Because it’s 65 degrees and sunny I refuse to admit that Christmas is one week away.  The stress of the holidays just does not exist for me this year.  (This is also probably due to the fact that I’m not working my usual day job, and the fact that my book is off to the editor now, so this is a Very Special Christmas for me!)  For the past six weeks, I’ve been walking around Pasadena and San Marino thinking, “isn’t that cute?  They think it’s Christmas!”  

I’m heading back to the ranch for a Colorado Christmas.  More blogging once I’ve hit the chilly high country plains, where I plan to focus on the three R’s:  Readin’, Relaxin’, and Reconnectin’ with friends.  In the meantime, enjoy this view of Mission Bay in San Diego, which was taken by Notorious Ph.D,, Girl Scholar, on a very recent visit.

14 thoughts on “A Very Special Christmas

  1. Gotta say that I’m PSYCHED for my own California Christmas (I’d be more into the idea of a white Christmas if I didn’t know we’d be having a white Jan, Feb, March and possibly April). But I’m sorry you won’t be around when we are!

    Enjoy CO and congrats on the book and everything else~~


  2. Oh, H’Ann, you mean when I’m in LA I will be warm? We’ve been having winter up north: it hasn’t topped 60 today. One of my friends said, “I love this winter weather, I can get all my sweaters out”!


  3. My two favorite Christmas songs:

    (Traditional) Good King Wenceslas
    (Contemporary) Pretenders: 2000 Miles

    Neither one would work very well in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Have a great trip to the High Country.


  4. Hey, thanks everyone! No snot freeze here–Colorado is always beautiful and above freezing during the day. I’ve especially missed my yoga studio, so I’m super-sore but super relaxed because I’m in two yoga classes a day.

    I hope everyone has a nice holiday!


  5. I’m happy to be in California any time, including in Christmas.

    Slightly off topic, but not off the topic of sexual politics: I’ve just discovered an October 31 interview with NPR by Frances McDormand. She really speaks out about being that creature feared and ignored by American media: the Older Woman.


  6. Wenceslas and Chrissie Hynde. What a one-two punch. I’d love to be a roadie on that tour! Alas, nothing deep and crisp and even here on the East Coast this season, ‘less it be the red and green icing on the sugar cookies on Santa’s plate tonight. Wassail, everyone!!


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