2 thoughts on “Guess who’s coming for lunch?

  1. It wasn’t exactly the Alice’s Restaurant Massacree, but definitely improv today. When a foot of snow north of here snarled travel plans, I got a whole bunch of big turkey parts, thighs and wings, and threw them at the kitchen sink. I marinated the wings in pear juice, the thighs in cider, parboiled both, then pan-seared them all, then gave them a finishing shot in the microwave. It was surprisingly edible, bordering on flavorful. The rest of the stuff was store-bought fixings. Trying to make gravy out of the pear/cider residue with too much cornstarch was the defining mistake, but other than that, I’m taking this on pass-fail, so sue me. The kitchen sink is doing as well as can be expected. Next year, improv meets improve!

    Joining this lunch would have been the more sensible solution, but there’s a whole Continent full of reasons why that couldn’t happen. Looks like fun.

    There’s an interesting piece of pushback against too much locavore in the New York Times op-ed today by a doctoral student at Berkeley who works on land and food sustainability.


  2. Looks like you had fun. /envy

    Just another Thursday up here. I realize that it’s been twenty-nine years since I was in a position to celebrate American Thanksgiving. Time flies when you have Thanksgiving in October!


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