My 15-month summer starts. . . now!

Something about that “nothin’ to do/nowhere to go-o” line keeps ringing in my head. And it’s true!

I’ve just submitted my final grades. I also finished the final edits on an essay that will be published in an anthology last week, so I don’t have any outstanding deadlines at this point–no books or manuscripts to review, no nothin’ I owe anyone else. I’ve got a revise and resubmit from a journal that I should revisit soon, but other than that, I’m looking forward to finishing my book and (even more exciting!) starting the research for book #3, which I’m thinking will be about fashion, technology, bodies, gender, and citizenship in the early U.S. Republic.

And why not? For my third book, I think I can write about whatevertheheck I want to write about.

What are you doing this summer?

9 thoughts on “My 15-month summer starts. . . now!

  1. Third book’s the trick, the one that should definitely be all yours! I liked the idea so much that I sort of started it with the second one still on the launch pad. But, whatever, I’m blaming it on the New Math. I’ve got various loose ends and loose wires dangling into the summer, but besides that I’m going to revise, research, take a long trip, and hopefully take another long trip.

    It’s interesting that you’re breaking loose into the U.S. of A. When/if I get done there, I keep telling myself I’m heading straight back to Kansas, … or rather, Colonialas. But we’ll see. I’ve kept myself out of the 19th C. on the teach side. But on the research side, the sources are so incredibly rich there…

    Anyway, congratulations on the Long Vac!!!


  2. Happy Sabbatical Historiann!

    This summer I am working on a conference paper for a conference in October and a poster session poster for the AHA in January 2015. Plus, I am developing a new class and revising an old one to teach on-line.

    And then finally, there are house projects, which are pressing. But thats OK, the garden will be a break from everything else.


  3. “I don’t have any outstanding deadlines at this point–no books or manuscripts to review, no nothin’ I owe anyone else.”

    I deeply hate you.


  4. “15-month summer” I see what you did there. Anybody non-academic will think vacation. The rest of us will think “Research, writing, class prep, 24/7.”

    It’ll be a change from trying to convince students that doing your homework really does help your grade. 😀

    Have a great time! And take some real vacation in there somewhere.


  5. I’m thinking about turning my dissertation into a series of blog posts.


    As a HS teacher and a dad, I don’t want to make the time to do the revisions that would make it publishable. I’d like the work to see the light of day, and now that I’m blogging semi-regularly, my writing for a general audience has improved. (HS teaching has also improved my writing for a general audience). So why not blog it?


  6. Congrats! I’m starting to think about a sabbatical, but that’s still a couple of years away. But, trying to get an article or two ready for journal submission, class prep, and a lot of department chair work since we will be having a ten-year external review in the fall. Plus of course enjoying the green of summer in central New York.


  7. Western Dave: I think publishing your diss. online is a terrific idea. It’s better to get it out there in any form than to hide your light under a bushel, as it were. Furthermore, I think it’s likelier to be read & cited than if you published with a lot of university presses!

    The only questions for me have to do with hosting your diss. Would it make sense to see if there’s an online Western History digital archive that might want to host it for you? You could certainly build your own website and link to it, but I’m talking about forging links with an institution that will give your work some more visibility and permanence. What do you think?


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