Spam attack thwarted!

Dear Readers,

If you tried to comment on any but the most recent post (on Maternal Solicitude) yesterday from about 3 p.m. MDT until 7:30 this morning, you probably discovered that comments were closed on all older posts.  I discovered a nasty spam infestation yesterday afternoon, and decided that the best way to deal with it was to quarantine my older posts, delete all new spam as fast as I could, and hope that my spam canner would figure things out.

That appears to have worked, so now my comments are back on everywhere.  My apologies for any frustration or delays in seeing your comments posted.

Your pal,


4 thoughts on “Spam attack thwarted!

  1. Spam sucks. I wonder if it’s so cheap (to spam with bots) that they can still make money even if .01% of spam postings get a click?


  2. I just don’t get it, but you’re right, Bardiac: they must get enough clicks somehow to get someone to pay for it.

    I was fortunate, in that my spam canner caught all of the spam and held it in moderation–it didn’t get posted. But, I still had to delete it all and police my comments for half a day to make sure it was eradicated.


  3. My uni essentially forced everyone to have a specific provider-provided spam box, and it does seem to have somewhat lowered the rate of distant uncle died in a plane crash come-ons, although it also sucks in some actual uncle wants to buy dinner next week stuff. We have to remember to check it regularly, lest uncle dean has an extra travel grant for the first ten responders kind of thing gets lost in there until it’s too late.


  4. My spam attacks have been post-specific. Blogger tells me when a post comes in, so if it’s spam I go right to it and delete it, on the principle that spam attracts more spam.

    BUT… here’s the weird thing that’s been happening lately: I’ll get a notification in my inbox. But by the time I see it a couple of hours later, it’s gone from the post in question. Weird, no?


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