MSNBC makes a Valentine’s Day funny

I watched Hardball last night, and as usual those folks at MSNBC are on Chris Christie and his traffic-on-the-bridge scandal like a dog on a bone.  I noticed that the squib for the first segment, “More subpoenas, more questions,” was “Tainted Gov.”  Tainted gov?  I didn’t get it.  Is that a food poisoning joke or something?  Then I figured it out–I think it’s a reference to Soft Cell’s 1981 new wave remake of the classic:

HA-ha! Happy Valentine’s Day, and happy weekend!

10 thoughts on “MSNBC makes a Valentine’s Day funny

  1. Happy to you, too, Historiann! The first time I crossed that bridge, westbound, *standing* on the shotgun seat of a Chevy long before they invented seat-belts (and long before the *pre*-make of that song) not ten miles into Jersey there was a farmer in his field milking a cow in the open spaces. Burma Shave signs. A Silk-City diner with formica counters and swivel-stools. Where did those towns come from, that could be disrupted by a few traffic cones and a few text messages?!?


  2. That is a pretty good pun. It’s as close to a Daily Show headline as the “news” can get.

    I like seeing an arrogant meanie taken down as much as the next gal but isn’t MSNBC covering this so much because it’s easy? It’s a “bad apple” story that doesn’t leave any lasting impression or lead to any lasting change. The gov rises, the gov falls, and the guys with all the money keep rolling along.


  3. Yes. MSNBC is overboard in their coverage. It’s almost like shades of 1998 again in their anticipation of Clinton’s impeachment. I don’t like Christie, but they need to stand down until there’s some real evidence of his wrongdoing.

    (I think there will be; they need to STFU until there’s something real to report, not just crazy speculation.)


  4. That is a nice video clip, and I don’t say that as a chronic liker of first-generation MTV music videos, which were really awful for the most part. The makers of the music (or their technical staffs) were pretty bad conceptualizers of performed visual fantasy coming off of the lyrics. I did miss in this clip the coda/cover from the Supremes “Where Did Our Love Go,” which was a nice chaser, and really solidified the whole song.


  5. Yep, I meant that unmistakable “this is ‘Tainted Love'” sound. (80s teen here). Wasn’t sure how to spell it. (Just as I’m not sure what the accepted spelling is for the Law and Order sound…)


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