Mooks talking MOOCs: Our AHA MOOC panel comments are now online at Perspectives

cowgirlropeAnd guess how I learned this?  Through the Twitter machine, when I saw Jonathan Rees tweet a link to his contribution, “The Taylorization of the Historians’ Workplace.”  (Regular readers will recall that Jonathan put together a panel on “How Should Historians Respond to MOOCs” at 2014 annual conference of the American Historical Association in Washington, D.C., last month.)

Our panel comments–slightly tweaked and edited–are now available at Perspectives.  Many thanks to editor Allen Mikaelian for his patient editing and great title suggestions for my contribution, “Can Teaching Be Taken ‘to Scale’?”  (Check it out–I quote William F. Buckley approvingly!)  I also quote one of you I saw at AHA who said to me something like as historians, “we merely study change; we don’t recommend it.”  Who was it who said that–was it Tenured Radical, or maybe Katherine?  Step up and take your bow!

The other panelists, Philip Zelikow (“A Worthwhile Experiment”) and Jeremy Adelman (“History a la MOOC, Version 2.0”), have experience as MOOC “superprofessors” and have interesting insights based on their engagement with the MOOC format.  Our panel Chair, Elaine Carey, offers more context for our conversation in her introduction & overview of the panel.

Of course, you can see the recorded version of our panel here at History News Network.

9 thoughts on “Mooks talking MOOCs: Our AHA MOOC panel comments are now online at Perspectives

  1. It wasn’t me who said that, but I bet you could run a whole thread based on other things that we revel at in the deep archival past, but then maybe blanch at in media us…


  2. What’s going on with the sudden crash-and-burn of Twitter on the stock side? Is the measured flow of serious rapporteurs and analysts into the space driving the loquacious tailbacks and pop artists into the proverbial tall trees, and spooking the edgy investors who’ve held onto the shares waiting for it to find profitability? I kind of thought this was what happened after I set up a Facebook page, about which I continue to be e-nudged weekly by the boys out in Petaluma that my “profile” is only “60% complete,” because I haven’t told them “where I grew up.” As if I grew up!


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