Way-out gear for mod maidens

I like these styles, although catsuits are very impractical when nature calls. (I remember these from the early 1990s–did anyone else have a velvet catsuit back then?) Furthermore, I don’t think it’s a great idea to wear a dress with a target over one’s torso these days, especially in Colorado.

I guess I’ll just stick with the turquoise lame bikini-top and trouser suit: a perfect outfit for marking papers and exams in December! (Happy grading to everyone who’s got ’em.)

5 thoughts on “Way-out gear for mod maidens

  1. The first Halloween costume I can remember wearing was a black cat, although I don’t recall thinking of it as a “catsuit,” and it was no impediment to answering the call of nature, or to pranking stingy candy offerors. Yep, I’m still grading, but final grades are due in the morning, so pretty soon this all goes away. Jeans and a hooded sweatsuit top are keeping things bearable temp-wise here in the snowy east!


  2. Yes! I had a velvet catsuit in the early 90s! You, too? Cool! I wore mine on New Year’s Eve 91/92 with a vintage tux jacket over it, and then, more frequently, with a floaty, diaphanous dark floral print tunic-length top over it. And in both cases, I wore high-heeled boots with it. (And yes, heeding the call of nature was complicated.) How did you wear yours?


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