Every class, David! We’ll be there!

To paraphrase General William T. Sherman:  teaching is hell.


Forgive me but–bwa-hahahahahaha!–I’m sure it’s very, very difficult to be called “David” instead of “General Petraeus.” (Nice move, though, walking in front of the city bus to try to lose your tormentors!) And to think: you’re doing it all for a single, lousy greenback instead of the $200,000 paycheck you signed up for.

8 thoughts on “Every class, David! We’ll be there!

  1. I know, right? That’s what I think is so hilarious, too.

    I’m not particularly sympathetic to their calling him a “war criminal,” a charge that seems way overblown. His civilian masters bear more responsibility than he does, as they’re the ones who gave him his marching orders. However, I’m glad the students got up in his face, because it’s ridiculous that 1) he was hired as a celebutante teacher for such a lavish price, when 2) he’s never indicated any interest in higher ed before.

    Universities should not make themselves available to help fallen idols rehabilitate their reputations. They only make themselves look desperate and cheapen the work that real professors do.


  2. Yes, it was the ridiculous adjunct pay that annoyed me as well, especially for someone who was not actually a professor.

    Do I understand from your post that he returned the offensively high paycheck?


  3. No, I hadn’t–thanks for the update.

    Ugly, ugly, ugly. The notion that the protesters were trespassing on CUNY’s traditions of academic liberty is completely baked. No one disrupted his classes–they’re going on just fine. They’re just hollering at him when he walks on a public street & protesting his presence, not preventing him from “teaching.”


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