Where am I? Where the heck are you?

This is a re-posting from 2011, but it explains my recent absence from the blog:

Interestingly, this old home video is pretty accurately descriptive of my week–Portland, Maine; Hanover, New Hampshire; Bristol, Rhode Island; Winchester and then Newton, Massachusetts. (Newton seems to be the name of exactly every town west of Boston from Watertown to Worcester–what’s up with that?) I’ll be back soon. I pinky-swear promise.

7 thoughts on “Where am I? Where the heck are you?

  1. Bummer, Historiann. I’ll be in Boston on Monday, looking for an internet connection to read about how things look back in Pottersville! But, we all just figured you were having some restorative downtime, and land sakes, you don’t have to get an attendance slip to be “absent” from your own blog! You’ll have noticed that the weather has been cool-ish here in the East, but not that awful–although your mileage may be different in New England. Have a good rest-of-your-trip; and if “back soon” means you’ll still be in Boston next week, give a holler.


  2. I’m chillin’ in the Fenway, and doing a little archival work, waiting for posting to resume. It’s almost like living in the colonial era again. Sloppy game tonight, but the folks had fun singing the songs and hanging out.


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