11 thoughts on “Friday funny: “Divisive gender and quota stuff” is all we do around here.

  1. As soon as I read “cameo by [academic], I *knew* what that scene would be. My pop cultural references are well trained! (Either that, or you and I just have eerily similar tastes, Historiann.)


  2. I have a feeling that a lot of other people guessed that reference, purely because I think that scene clicks with a lot of academic types who have been bored by know-it-alls (in and out of seminar rooms) like that. It’s like a footnote scolding an author, or something.

    Plus, Fratguy and I say “you know nothing of my work. . . ” to each other at least twice a month.


  3. Please pretty please I want to be in on the joke! What’s the film reference?! (I hope my ignorance just comes from not having grown up in the US, and not from being, you know, uneducated…).


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