Historiann at Feminism & Co. panel about feminism and blogging, March 28

How cool is this?  I’ve been invited to talk about feminist blogging at the March 28, 2013 Feminism & Co. event at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

I’ll be joined by Ru Johnson of Westword, Heather Janssen of Get Born, Ellie Kevorkian of Violet Against Women, and Camille Bright-Smith of BlogInSong on March 28 at 6:30 p.m. at the MCA Denver, 1485 Delgany Street.  More details about the 4-week series of events are here.

I’d love to see some of you locals there and meet you face-to-face!  (Any suggestions about what you all think I should talk about?)  And, hey–MEN DRINK FREE–so how bad could it be?  (Maybe it’s time to appear as my roller derby identity, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang!)

The other women on the panel are so interesting–they’re artists, writers, and musicians.  I’ll be interested in hearing about how their blogs have functioned as an alternative space in which to create and document their work.  I wonder if there will be any parallels between creative artist and academic blogs as spaces for engaging feminism and performing as feminist artists or professionals?  I wonder how they’re different?  It looks to me like the other bloggers who have children also blog either primarily or frequently about motherhood–that will likely be something I’ll want to talk about as well.


16 thoughts on “Historiann at Feminism & Co. panel about feminism and blogging, March 28

  1. The whole event looks fabulous! Roller derby is big in Buffalo–one of my TAs is very involved (leading a broken arm recently). You will be perfect for the panel.


  2. “What does it mean that you are “curating” the panel? I read that too quickly and pictured you “curing” the panel as one might a ham.”

    I don’t know exactly–you’ve given me a fantastic image in my mind of rubbing people’s legs down with salt and sugar, and blowing smoke on them. Mmmmmmmmnnnnnn. . . hammmmm.

    I think the choice of the verb “to curate” has to do with the setting at the MCA, and the fact that Feminism & Co. is a project of an art proffie (Elissa Auther) and an English proffie (Gillian Silverman). That, and the preponderance of feminists from the art world on the panel. I’ve been asked to give an introduction, raise some issues, and to guide the conversation with the bloggers and the audience.


  3. Yeah, “curate” is used in a variety of contexts to suggest a rarified version of what might otherwise have a mere functionalist appellation. It sort of connotes nurturing something, nudging it along in a refined way, supplying the verbal version of what would be liner notes on a classical album or shrewd program annotations at a recital. No one will be expecting you to pull an ornate hickory shepherd’s crook from under the table to tug the microphone from in front of a participant who is busting the time-budget. But that should not be totally off the docket, as it would keep a little edge on things. Coming a mere week after the roller derby session, imagine how one might “curate” a move to cut off the jam if the Bay Area Bombers were in town, or if the Assault City club skated in from Syracuse!

    This is sounding better all the time. I’m not a “local,” but if an offloaded dreamliner ticket came up on e-Bay, I might just point my browser for Denver Int’l.


  4. Sounds fucken coolio! I guess the bloggers who focus on motherhood as their defining feature are gonna get an earful from you.


  5. Not from me! People can engage in feminist blogging in whatever subject/s that interest them. What I’d like to talk about is the way in which motherhood functions in blogs and other online conversations–and how eager many are to use it as a bludgeon against other women & other mothers.


  6. Well, to the extent that any of the participants are such bludgeoners, I suspect they will perceive it as an earful.


  7. Whoa! And they actually used a Sistah’s picture in the advertisement! Now that’s truly Feminist!

    Good for you Historiann and I have deep confidence that you’re gonna,( to quote
    the linguistically scholastic Eric B & Rakim)

    “Grab the mic like [you’re] on Soul Train, light ’em up and blow ’em out like candles”!


  8. I’ll try my best, IM. The woman in the ad is gorgeous–I’m afraid that the real women on the panel will be disappointments! (But maybe the roller chick will be at the event, too–who knows?)


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