5 thoughts on “Gone skiin’

  1. What, is Monday some kind of an academical holiday out there? No such luck this way, where the App-licable mountains have been worn down to rubble by the passage of time, and where we report to the mill on a lot of federal holidays. I regale students with tales of my kinderhood, when the App’s were more majestical than now, and when February was a 28-day month with *two* different presidentially-related holidays. These had a strong statistical tendency not to fall on Mondays or Fridays, but rather ruined whole weeks three years out of seven! Then the physiocrats decided to rationalize time itself. How can you behave after that kind of an experience with time? Anyway, enjoy that snow.


  2. No holiday today for me–I drove down from Breckenridge this morning and am hard at work(ish) this afternoon. Our friends visiting from Massachusetts were incredulous that a state employee (me) didn’t have a day off for President’s Day. (In Massachusetts, state and municipal employees get at least one 3-day weekend per month.)

    No complaints from me, though–2 bluebird days at Copper Mtn. for us, and we awoke to a few inches of fresh powder this morning.


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