Historiann, archived

Hi, friends!  I hope you’re enjoying a lovely holiday and/or winter vacation.  Several of you have e-mailed me or left questions in the comments here on the blog about whether the lecture I recorded for C-SPAN, “A Pair of Stays,” would be archived or available as a podcast.  The answer to both questions is yes, so here are the relevant links:


8 thoughts on “Historiann, archived

  1. I followed the first link, and was able to *hear* the lecture, but not see it. I’m still fine-tuning a new laptop, so that may be part of it. It was very interesting. I was by chance looking at Kate Haulman’s book on 18th century American fashion today, and it has some references to stays. Indeed, if I’m remembering right, it said that this garment was the first one to which the word “fashion” was attached in the discourse–although I may be mis-remembering.


  2. I didn’t feel like I was back in class – this is FAR better teaching than anything I experienced as a student.

    BTW, your hair style is distractingly cute 🙂


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