Historiann is attending an important interdisciplinary conference

Tenured Radical has all of the details.  What will happen when four academic bloggers meet to talk IRL and before an audience?  (We’re waiting to hear if a certain invisible plane has been cleared to land in U.S. airspace.)  At least we’re meeting close to Paradise Island, very close to the Bermuda Triangle.

And Madwoman with a Laptop doesn’t think I look like a cowgirl.  Phoo!  I say, this is what cowgirl looks like!



13 thoughts on “Historiann is attending an important interdisciplinary conference

  1. I don’t think of ASA as an interdisciplinary conference. For people in American Studies, it is their discipline. For the rest of us, they are just very open to other disciplines presenting on American topics.


  2. Well, I suspect the the Madwoman with a Laptop didn’t recognize the cowgirl without her horse. (At least I assume you left your horse at home.)
    Looking forward to the podcast of your session!


  3. Darn. The one year I don’t attend (have missed ASA only twice before since 1983) and I miss Historiann. Will look for the posts and tweets.


  4. I don’t see whut’s “fluff” about this report?!? Anyway, I second Susan on the podcast idea, or at the very least a dvd for archival and other downrange uses. I had a dream once about damming the Susquehanna to turn about two-thirds of Pennsylvania into “Lake Clemente,” moving the state capital to San Juan, and relocating the Tampa Bay “Rays” there to play in a “real baseball facility.” Probably wouldn’t get too much traction at the National Governors’ Council staff conference, but maybe I could squeeze in a late keynote on this project at the ASA? Which is a long way of saying “have a great trip!”


  5. What TR said (except that my return to reality doesn’t happen until this evening).

    Also, what Susan said. I really expected to see the horse.

    Great conference, wonderful session. Wish we coulda podcasted, but no wireless in the room if you can believe that, and we couldn’t figure out how to make Historiann’s lasso do the job.


  6. Seminar, the commuter horse, doesn’t cotton much to travel outside anyplace she can’t get to in a horse trailer. Believe it or not, I saw a conferee wearing cowgirl boots here, AND tights, which just seemed way too hot for a tropical conference.

    ASA (or should I say, the GAY-S-A) was such a fun conference that I may have to become a regular even when we meet on the North American mainland. The only problem I’ve found so far with this conference is that the grad students are starting to look like fetuses to me. But, as they say: older or colder, friends! Now, I’m off to catch a flight to Miami.

    I’ll write a follow-up post once I’m back at the ranch.


  7. I think GAY-S-A is the new name, in San Juan or not in San Juan. And then there will be the chi-chi invitation only party at the Blue Moose Nightclub in the People’s Republic of Takoma Park, where a certain Potemkin University faculty will be invited only to stand on the rope line


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