13 thoughts on “Gone fishin’.

  1. Please do mot tread on the wildlife, Historiann!

    Have a great time! I’m gearing up to leave for a month, starting in two weeks. Our classes don’t begin until late September, so it’s mid- break for me! Remember, though, that I don’t finish until mid-June.


  2. Yeah, stay offa those big cats, Historiann! If you get as far as Glacier and spike your pass in the endzone up there it’ll look like you’re running up the numbers on us poor shlubs who have to make do with National Historic Sites back here in the nubby Appalachian roots! 🙂

    August 20 is an ouch. I wouldn’t amend the Constitution lightly, but if we could clear a little space between One and Three, say, I could go for language restoring the sanctity of the traditional academical summer. Didn’t “Commencement” used to *start* the school year along about mid-September, when rural farm parents were releasing their most-bookish and least plow-worthy offspring to head off to some riotous shire town and become “scholars?”


  3. It’s gorgeous out there! We just took a supported bike tour down the Hudson Valley, seeing glorious countryside and lots of historical sites. I thought that climbing steep hills in hot, humid air was (if nothing else) a great way to forget about my job for a while, but it doesn’t beat nearly stepping on a cougar! Have fun!


  4. Based on experience of the sounds that result when one accidentally steps on a domestic cat’s tail, I’d say that staying off cougars’ tails is definitely a good idea.

    Have a good last bit of vacation. I’ve got another week than you do, and the semester still feels like it’s coming too fast.


  5. Enjoy your last gasp of summer holidays! We don’t need to go to a park to see a bear since they’re pretty much everywhere around here (a bit more visible than I’d like thanks to the persistent drought). But cougars? Those’d be worth eyeballing.

    Whatever you do, rest up and have a wonderful time!


  6. Thanks, cgeye–that’s priceless. I think Garry Trudeau does more with 4 panels a day (1 of which is a rehash of the previous day’s point, for the benefit of his audience who may have missed a day or more) than most writers (or bloggers, to be sure) accomplish in 800, 1,200, or 120,000 words.

    Nursing Clio: who, I wonder, approved that paper for publication? Yick. We saw mostly women rangers as interpretive guides and information sources, even at high-status sites like Old Faithful. The male rangers I saw were mostly patrolling or managing traffic around a bear sighting, for example (and he didn’t ask if I was on the rag.) Maybe it was a fluke, but I was glad to see the mix of rangers at work.


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