14 thoughts on “What’s on your grill this weekend?

  1. The “science ‘around’ meat…” [internal quotation marks added]. “Around is such a weird word in this context, especially when you look straight at it. Does this mean that there’s a charred black hole of ignorance at the center of the inquiry itself? Or that science has gotten shy, or bashful, or tongue-tied in the presence of this venerable protein, and now edges sidelingly around the subject? Or that meat “teams” are now beginning to acknowledge that there *is* no fixed subject; that meat is at best a metaphor?

    Whatever else it means, it seems clear that the good old days when you could sidle up to a bright-eyed kid at a graduation party and ironically mutter “plastics” are soooo over! Probably just as well.


  2. With one million people in the DC area lost power yesterday around 11PM, the answer is obvious: we are the meet on the grill.


  3. Tonight was burgers. Tomorrow morning while it’s still cool, I’m grilling a london broil to make steak salad to take to the pool.


  4. Those shrimp tacos look amazing. I think I could do a hot weather variation (so as not to heat up the kitchen) by just turning my gas grill into an alternative stovetop for the garlic/chile/shrimp mixture. Thanks for the recipe!

    I’m sorry to hear about the power outage amidst the eastern heatwave. I would imagine that salads and cold soups might be a preferable alternative to smoked, BBQ’d, or grilled meats or veggies.

    Tonight, I believe that GayProf is making reservations for us, for dinner.


  5. Where I grew up, outdoor grilling was the only way to cook in the summer time (not that most of the white folks around us did so). We had a solar oven too. Anything to keep the AC off was my mother’s priority.


  6. CPP is hereby invited for dinner. Those shrimp tacos look amazing. The jalapenos are ripening in the garden….

    May be grilling fresh salmon (the season has started) for friends tomorrow night.


  7. Perhaps the president of BaRamU should consider building on demostrated success and construct a world class competition BQQ arena in lieu of a new football stadium. Utilization could be year round, BBQ wafting over the campus would be a far better recruitment tool than trafic jams, and just think what graduating the next generation of super chefs would do for donation and alumni relations. Who knows, in 15 years the campus would be hosting the foothills equivalent of the aspen Food and Wine fest.


  8. With Sky Boxes for booster club members, and maxed-out Weber Grills, plus preferred landing and hangering rights at nearby BRU-International Airport, right?


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