Michigan mishegas over vaginas

Michigan border guard

I’m about to fly off for my annual sojourn to the ancestral heartland, and while I was buried in the eighteenth century last week, it came to light that some time-traveling pols from the eighteenth century have joined the Michigan House of Representatives!  Remarkable providences!  I try to prevent my worlds from colliding, but the Michigan ledge just won’t let me.  According to their thinking, vaginas should be the object of legislation, but people with vaginas should not be heard, and we sure don’t need to discuss the icky particulars.

I’ll be sure to ask every Michigander I meet if I’m truly welcome in their state.  Will there be a border check, I wonder?  It sure makes me wonder if Michigan really wants my vaginal tourist dollars.  Maybe we should make a movie, a la A Day Without a Mexican, but of course we’d call it A State Without a Vagina. 

Do you really want to go there, boys?  I’m willing to play along!  You haven’t banned the use of the word dick now too, have you?  Because I’d really like to hear that said over and over again on the floor of the House up in Lansing.

8 thoughts on “Michigan mishegas over vaginas

  1. They could have used other words – maybe the state leg would prefer that? But, since I think humor is often the best political tool, “A State Without a Vagina” sounds like a great movie…


  2. Welcome to Michigan, Historiann! I promise you safe passage through Ann Arbor. Beyond the city borders, however, I cannot guarantee any sort of vaginal rights will be extended to you. (A Day WIthout a Vagina – Love it!).


  3. I know, Shelley. In situations like these, I think it helps to get anthropological.

    Most men (and many other women, especially older women) recognize the power inherent in women’s bodies, and many just must get their hands on that power. 7,000+ years of patriarchal religious plus domination of state power has really given men the edge.


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