Have a nice day!

That’s better.  Too much negative energy in that last post and the accompanying image.  Sadly, it looks like we’ll miss the Transit of Venus out here on the Front Range, as it’s entirely overcast.  (Imagine your own frowny-face here.)  Neat discovery:  old X-ray films are really handy for observing things like solar eclipses and Transits of Venus, although who knows what technology they’ll have on hand for the 2117 viewings!

On the unwelcome solicitations:  I’ve thought about this over the past few days, and have decided that it’s probably in the natures of the sorts of people who will go door-to-door to ignore “no solicitors” signs.  They think they’re right–about their gods, about their politics, about whatever–so of course they’re going to argue with me about what exactly counts as unwanted solicitation and which signs they need to respect.  Another observation:  the only people who have argued with me about the definition of the word “solicitor” are men.  The one woman solicitor I met at the door and warned away apologized and moved on quickly.

From now on:  Green River Ordinance, plus a sign that warns of a vicious cur, plus a “Beware of God” sign, just to make some of them stop and think.  (I’ll be sure to post the Oxford English Dictionary definition of “cur” too, for the uninformed.)  Either that, or I’ll just line all of my windows and doors with tinfoil. 

(I’m sure the neighbors trying to sell the house across the street from me will love that!)

5 thoughts on “Have a nice day!

  1. Old people, like me, move from the oversized homes mandated for the middle class and up to an apartment, fancy of course, in an apartment house with a gate, etc. No solicitor for me!

    actually, I did have a very pleasant encounter with a solicitor when I testified in a London court. There was a barrister there too (ugly wigs). Both were jolly good fellers and smart too.

    Venus who?


  2. HA-ha! I’m just guessing that they wouldn’t be wild about me rigging up my house like a meth lab.

    I live in a modest ranch house built in 1951–no supersized prefab mansions for me. No “master suite,” no master bath with a separate whirlpool tub and glassed-in shower, no walk-in closets, no marble kitchen, no nuthin’ you’ll ever seen on the HG channel. I actually have to share a bathroom with family members! Amazing, but it’s true: families used to do this all of the time, until 1993 or so.

    (I learned about 11 years ago when trying to sell a 4BR house that many families with 2 children don’t find 4 BR homes sufficient for their needs, unless each bedroom has a separate bathroom. Srsly.)

    I guess I’m something of a reenactor after all.


  3. Srsly, the idea of children with their own bathrooms just gives me nightmares about how much cleaning would need to be done. Indeed, in my current property which contains two adults, two bathrooms and a downstairs toilet, we have a rule that one bathroom is NEVER used (unless we have guests),just because we don’t want the extra cleaning.


  4. Who knewthat there were 1970s reenactors lurking! And H’Ann, people can use you basement suite as a master….

    I’m planning to redo my “master” (not mistress?) bath because it’s all kinds of dysfunctional, and am considering putting in double sinks because I’ve seen so many couples – even or maybe especially young ones – on home buying shows talking about how important that is. I can use one to wash my hands, and another to brush my teeth! While I plan to stay in my house for at least another 10 years, I don’t plan to renovate the bathroom twice.


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