The Silence of the Lambs, and the Bunnies

Happy Easter, brought to you by a slaughtered bunny rabbit lying in a pool of its own blood.  Thank you, bunny, for giving us your life so that we may enjoy your delicious flesh.  (Kidding!  It’s a molded French cream in raspberry sauce.)

Easter and Passover are just a hot mess of cannibalism, violent death, and resurrection/renewal, aren’t they?  I myself dispense with the patriarchal sky-god religions and prefer the simpler pagan celebrations of spring, with bunnies, eggs, lambs, hams, and other celebrations of the pleasures of the body and the fat (and French cream) of the land.

12 thoughts on “The Silence of the Lambs, and the Bunnies

  1. Representing vegetarians, the bloody accusations fall somewhat short. Animals, though, do play an important role in the Passover Hagada (story).

    Apple, cocoa, cheese and coconut cake did sweeten the reading chilled perfectly by the two mathematicians in the family.


  2. I would totally eat that bunny! But, it is also true that I went to church today and took part in the Eucharist, which in my tradition is only sort of is the body of Christ (I am not doing transubstantiation versus consubstantiation here!). But whatever one thinks it was or was not that I actually consumed, the occasion was joyful and full of love, both human and divine. So happy Easter, or happy spring to those who prefer the secular version, to all!


  3. Bloody accusations didn’t fall short at all to me, koshembos. The Haggadah, at least the standard Maxwell House version (maybe you use a kinder & gentler 20th c. rewrite) is full of gore. Ten violent plagues brought to you by God to show how mighty he is; “Pour out Thy wrath on the nations that fail to worship You”; the suggestion to knock out the teeth of a son who asks in apparent good faith Hey, whassup with these rules and traditions you got? Oh, and does your version of ‘Dayenu’ not say Thanks so much, deity, for killing those firstborn sons of the Egyptians, presumably including their infants and little boys. You rock, God!


  4. It’s certainly not an accident that these festivals are in spring. In addition to chocolate,we had new potatoes, snap peas (local) and asparagus (pretty local). It’s all good, though that bunny looks pretty awesome.


  5. Well, any excuse to have a special meal. Me, I actually had no dinner at all, but did spend the night cooking for the week, which promises to be busy, so I’ll be glad for the healthy food ready and waiting.


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