7 thoughts on “Except perhaps in spring

  1. Wow! Nobody but nobody living in THAT apartment would write a goofy lyric like: “I keep your picture on the wall. It hides a nasty stain that’s lyyyying there…” What a casement window and what a view. I wish the rent check I’m about to walk over to the landlady–through the soft April rain–was for something like that!


  2. Heard it in a different song, different language and totally different culture. It goes like that: you (has and she and a he yous in many languages: it’s a she) can buy a motorcycle, take a trip to an obscure country in Asia, through away my presents, …


  3. This post has confused me somewhat. I imagine (and, uh, hope) that you posted this in honor of the recently arrived spring, and perhaps in part because young Chet Baker had a fabulous voice. On the other hand, the conceit of “I don’t miss you, except when I do” makes me think of Bob Dylan’s “Most of the time.” Naturally, YouTube is letting me down badly for even a half-decent version of the song. AND it’s my ex’s birthday today.

    I don’t even care if I ever see her again…most of the time.

    Ahem. I mean, hope the springtime is beautiful out in your neck of the woods!


  4. No, I’m not feeling melancholy or nostalgic. I just like this song because it mentions spring and rain, and we sure could use some rain around these parts.

    (I am occasionally nostalgic for living in a place in which rain happens occasionally, and I am not looking forward to enduring this decade’s drought, which may be nigh upon us.)

    We sometimes get some epic hailstorms in the spring followed by rainbows. That would be cool, after my apple blossoms have dropped and my tulips have faded.


  5. “Take your cat and leave my sweater…” is a scruffier-necked, countrified variation on somewhat the same theme.

    It was a dank enough weekend here in the East. I can remember back in college reading Walter Prescott Webb on the durable prevalence of dry west of whatever parallel that was he mentioned. I wish there was a cap-and-trade weather exchange system. There’s times when I wouldn’t mind listing a half inch of pesky rain in exchange for an equivalent measure of drouth! What did that poet say, thoughts of a dry brain in a dry season?


  6. Even here we actually had rain this weekend. Up to about half our annual average rainfall, and the season is almost over.
    Thanks for the song.


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