9 thoughts on “I am so bored with March.

  1. I didn’t even *have* a “bracket” this year, so there went that. St. Patrick’s Day fell on a Saturday, which is kind of nice, while I was away from the noisier of my two roosts, which was a slight plus. Then again, April brings another round of checks to write, and who needs it? Baseball starts up, which is agreeable, but end of semester wrangliness also approaches. In sum, I think March is taking extra heat this year because of that 29th day of February, which you really can’t blame on any other month. My car passed the emissions part of its annual double-whammy inspection ordeal today, so I’ll let that be the proverbial seventeenth tie-breaker.


  2. Notable that you said “bored with.” Lately (a generational thing, apparently, like “that being said” instead of “that said”), people 30 and under have been saying “bored of.”


  3. Interesting. I use the term “bored of,” but it’s an expression linked to something I’m doing, not a month, condition, or state of being.

    I’m bored of grading papers, but bored with March.

    Indyanna, I think you’re right that Feb. 29 may also be to blame for my boredom with March.


  4. I’m bored *straight through* with April already, and haven’t even had lunch yet. Nothing that I can see for the next few weeks except for opportunities to disburse from the old exchecquer. Nobody ever called March the “cruoooelllest month” except for a bracket-busted college basketball fan. I’m straining to remember a selling-point for April. Maybe the Pennsylvania primary, which was exhilarating in ’08, and promises to be at least weirdly interesting this time around. And of course last year, when Historiann made a late-month swing through the Eastern provinces.


  5. April has more flowers than March in most parts of North America. (Not sure about the deep southeast, though. March might be their flowery month.)

    Scratch what I said earlier about “bored of.” I don’t think I’d use that construction after all, now that I’ve thought about it for a few hours.

    (How’s that for boring?!?)


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