It couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy!

In place of paid advertisers, public service announcements now fill some of the time between Rush Limbaugh’s monologues on radio stations, a consequence of an ad boycott against the conservative talk show host that is now nearly two weeks old.

It is, analysts say, the most serious rebellion against “The Rush Limbaugh Show” in the more than 20 years that the show has been broadcast. This week, new evidence emerged that the ad boycott was costing Premiere Radio Networks — the show’s syndicator — money, though the total amounts are unclear.

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On Monday, Premiere caused a stir by telling its news and talk affiliates — the ones that carry Mr. Limbaugh’s show — that for the next two weeks, they could stop running the barter ad spots they were normally required to broadcast. “Replace them with LifeLock and Lear Financial or a local spot of your choice,” said an internal memorandum, referring to two companies that remain sponsors of Mr. Limbaugh’s show.

Premiere said the suspension of its barter spots (which are played by stations in lieu of paying for services directly) did not affect live programs like Mr. Limbaugh’s show, but its critics interpreted the move as proof that local radio stations were being affected by the boycott. The Web site that first published the memo, Radio-Info.com, called it unusual.

.       .       .       .      .       .      .       .

Along with LifeLock and Lear Financial, at least one other advertiser, Hillsdale College, remains supportive of Mr. Limbaugh. An ad for Hillsdale, a small conservative college in southern Michigan, appeared on his Web site on Tuesday. In a statement, Hillsdale said that his remarks about Ms. Fluke were “of a kind that are destructive to reasonable political discourse,” but that it accepted his apologies.

Gee, I wonder why Rush isn’t getting any ad revenue from the Republicans running for president?

As I recall from some long car trips back in the 1990s, Rush’s advertisers were mainly Viagra/Viagra substitues, hair loss remedies, and  a learn-to-read with phonics system, none of which painted a pretty picture of his Dittoheads (impotent, bald, and illiterate–maybe they were an accurate reflection of the big guy himself?)

All together now:  HA-ha!

5 thoughts on “HA-ha!

  1. Maybe they’ll offer some free tote-bags or coffee mugs in exchange for a donation! Somebody in my building gets literature from Hillsdale too big to fit in the mail boxes, which sits there on the lobby furniture giving off a kind of a vague right-wing glow. One hesitates to wonder what “LifeLock” is all about. Anyway, HA-ha!


  2. LifeLock cultivates fear of identity theft (a real but rare problem that in most cases is fixed quickly; credit issuers use pattern recognition tools to look for fraud in real time) and cashes in on that fear by selling theft-protection services. The FTC and a bunch of state attorneys general said it is a con. Perfect advertiser, it seems.


  3. I guess the kind of identity theft that involves being negatively “rebranded” on national t.v. by a certified headcase goes beyond the capacity of even the advertiser in this instance, but I guess it’s poignantly appropriate in an ironic way. If it reaches the point where pattern recognition becomes necessary, it’s pretty much beyond repair.


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