Inflammatory post

Hillary Clinton.

Sarah Palin.

Barack Obama.





Flame on!  Comments that deliberately miss the point, insult me, introduce straw persons, lecture me, mansplain, demand that I address it, jack the thread, and/or get progressively longer, angrier, and more filled with invective are especially appreciated.  They make running this advertising-free volunteer blog all worthwhile.

28 thoughts on “Inflammatory post

  1. Aw, sister, that’s only the half of it – I’m also teaching four preps, all of them basically new. After only having one true repeat prep over the past two semesters. Yes, that’s 11 preps in three semesters. I don’t recommend it.


  2. You’re wrong. I’m right. The end.
    (And thank you for the opportunity to say this, which I haven’t had the opportunity to do on the first day of class, after my office was moved and not configured properly so I can’t set up my computer and ….)


  3. Ahhh, Historiann Derangement Syndrome!! That’s, like, totally worse than the pre-menstrual syndrome. Feel better? Soon, I hope. Perhaps you should stop worrying your pretty little head about these things.

    Oh, and John Huntsman.


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