Separated at Birth!

I’m old enough to remember the often juvenille but extremely entertaining Spy magazine from the 1980s, and its popular feature, “Separated at Birth.”  So here’s my revelation:  something about Jon Huntsman has been bugging me all along.  He’s a perfectly conventional-looking politician and he seems like a completely decent person.  So why do I keep thinking that he reminds me of someone I used to know, someone who gives me an uneasy feeling?

ZOMG he’s Laura Palmer’s father!!!

For those of you who are too young to remember 1990-91 or who were too old to care, Twin Peaks was a supremely weird and addictive teevee show by director David Lynch in which the actor Ray Wise [at left] played the father of murder victim Laura Palmer, whose homocide was at the center of the mystery.  It turned out her father was also her murderer, hence my unease whenever I see Jon Huntsman’s picture.

At least I think that explains it.


13 thoughts on “Separated at Birth!

  1. Not only is that Laura Palmer’s homicidal father, but on Reaper that guy was the Devil himself! ZOMG!!!11!!!

    PS – I have the first season of Twin Peaks on VHS. The box looks like the log the Log Lady carried around. Amazing that that show ever aired!


  2. (I’m really glad we just finished Twin Peaks, or I’d be so mad you gave away who the murderer was!! I was only 4 when it originally aired, so I had to watch it on Netflix.)


  3. Sorry, Julia–it was kind of a shaggy dog story in the end, with all of that Bob bullcrap.

    Oh, and Citizen Kane? Rosebud was his sled!

    And the girl in The Crying Game is really a dude.

    Can I spoil any other movie endings for anyone?


  4. The really scary ending is when the guy/and-or his family gives the Wharton School something like $50M for a building that can be seen twenty blocks away–when the leaves are off the trees and the sun angles just right!


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