Hey, Wha’Happen?

Posting should resume later this week.  There’s just been too much excitement around here–two weekends out of town which were interrupted last week by an October snowstorm which eventually led to a crabapple tree trunk pinning down a power line in the driveway!  We never lost power, but most unfortunately, I had a Snow Day last Wednesday with no internets!  Here’s hoping you northeasterners are digging out of your freak storm by now.  As for me–it’s time for me to get back to my day job–the remunerative one. 

In the meantime, tell me Wha’Happen? with the rest of you!

8 thoughts on “Hey, Wha’Happen?

  1. Praise dog you’re back! We were about to send a pack of bloodhounds out to the high plains to find out where the heck you were. A week of radio silence from Historiann! Unheard of! Intolerable! No fun! Welcome back, cowgirl. Oh, and no real snow on the ground in Roxie’s World and — for a change — no power outage. Yeeehaw. Now, back to our regularly scheduled grading avoidance.


  2. Wuz holdin’ our breath, but we figured you were due for a posting sabbatical and thus were digging out favorite re-runs from Season One (2008)! The big Eastern Storm was mostly east of here, too, although we did get a couple of inches of wet slurpee-style snow, gone now. Hope the crabapple tree recovered from the ordeal. And, to state the obvious, Happy Halloween to everyone.


  3. Candy sorting and swapping here ATM. The young folk were 8-bit video game characters (this is our 4th straight year of cardboard fabrication) and I was a stressed out rookie department chair. The businesses in our neighborhood stay open late for trick-or-treat action and there is a party at the community center. The tattoo shop and hardware store folks are always enthusiastic and the massage place gives out coupons to parents. Loads of fun.

    Glad to know all is well.


  4. Glad it’s been travel and downed trees, and nothing more serious. And boo for power lines on driveways — not usually a good sign. Snow? What’s that? It’s cooled down to the 70s here.

    One of my Trick or Treaters (boy, c. 8 years old, I’d guess) asked me if I was a teacher, and what my name was. I think he was surprised when I said I didn’t teach at his school! So I guess my costume (normal work wear) didn’t disguise my identity much at all.


  5. Watchit, Historiann, according to the Eastern papers today there’s another big out-of-season snowstorm homing in on the rangeland! Better den-up and pop in a holiday movie.


  6. Glad you’re OK! Upstate NY is having unaccountably nice weather, even including some sun. The Barbarian yurt decided to do Halloween in true drag — pumps, pencil skirt, pink blouse and blond wig. An interesting tour of a foreign land! I don’t know how femme women move around in that stuff. Mrs. Barbarian went as her mother, which was truly terrifying.


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