11 thoughts on “Is That Love?

  1. Great minds think alike and so do we. I went on a total Squeeze video binge last week. At one point, I had the lead singer’s haircut (different video).


  2. August, 1987, the Meadowlands, dancing to/singing along with Squeeze. That was me in the teal parachute pants with the white Capezios, pouring out my soul.

    Thanks, H-Ann.


  3. Beat me up with your letters, your walk out notes.
    Funny how you still find me, right here at home,
    Legs up, with a book and a drink.
    Now is that love that’s making you think?

    Difford & Tillbrook … brilliant pop songwriting.


  4. This cut sounds more like a Beatles tribute try-out tape that doesn’t make the second round. I think Elvis Costello tightened up some of their stuff later on. The only thing I remember, though, is their radio/ iconic “Tempted,” which for some reason I associate with the 1982 World Series, with the Cardinals and Brewers. This may be why it’s coming back to me now.


  5. Go Tigers!!!

    (Baseball-related non-sequitur.)

    I haven’t watched baseball for probably the past 7 years, but when your team is in the pennant race & there are extra innings, it is fun!

    (Games are on too early out here in Western time, though. Who the heck can make a 2:18 start time?)

    I can never remember which was Difford & which was Tillbrook. I think Tillbrook is the nicer looking blonde guy, right?


  6. I’ll raise a cold Vernors to that sentiment. I always liked those Tigers uniforms and Comerica Park is one of the better of the new ones. Definitely don’t want to see the T. Rangers and Milwaukee playing under a dome!

    Back to your regularly-scheduled thread…


  7. I just said the other night to one of my colleagues that if I ever left my job I’d just put a recording of “Black Coffee in Bed” playing in the last department faculty meeting of the year (instead of attending). My colleague was utterly confused by the reference…damn young’uns!


  8. Best concert I ever went to — hours of Jules Holland on the piano and general singing in the stadium. AND Oingo Boingo was the opener. Ahhh, the 80s…


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