Dispatches from the treehouse

Miss Susie had a baby, she threw it in the well

The baby went to heaven, Miss Susie went to HELL-o operator. . .

Here’s hoping that you’re enjoying a warm, sunny, dry weekend like we are here in Potterville.  I love September–it’s fully warm enough to continue to use the clothesline, but it’s not so hot I can’t sit outside and do my course readings while getting a suntan on my legs.

15 thoughts on “Dispatches from the treehouse

  1. September and even most of August were nice so far. The community pool is great for tans and gossip; the lifeguards are Hungarian and not service oriented.

    Classes started and the training to put on long pants were depresssing; why cannot we teach in swimming trunks?


  2. It’s too hot here to sit out and read. The clothesline part; well, more like drying shirts on hangers from the windowframe–no problem with that. Please let us know when the fall color[] happeneth chez vous…


  3. Fall color is pretty meh in Colorado. Everyone here gets all excited about THE ASPENS. They shimmer! But they’re all yellow, so big whoop. I need some reds, oranges, and other variety before I get excited about the fall colors, but those colors only exist in the cities, where thirsty Eastern trees can be successfully babied and watered sufficiently.


  4. My labor day party is a brunch, scheduled from 10 AM until it’s too hot to be outside….
    I actually can read outside until about 10 or 11… then, not so much.


  5. Aha, so this was originally a sordid tale of infanticide! That makes a whole lot more sense than the version I learned in my childhood, in which Miss Susie had a steamboat, the steamboat had a bell, Miss Susie went to heaven, and it was the steamboat who went to HELL-o operator.


  6. Yeah, the steamboat version is really dumb. I think it’s part of a misguided effort to shield children from the sordid realities of life and death.

    But, maybe I’m just morbid. I prefer the original Grimm’s fairy tales to the sanitized modern versions.


  7. I heard the boat version, only it was about Miss Mary: Miss Mary had a steamboat, the steamboat had a hole, Miss Mary went to heaven, the steamboat went to Hell-o operator…” So maybe somewhere in between the infanticide and the tugboat, though there’s no reason for the steamboat to go to hell? The rest of it wasn’t all that clean either.

    I vaguely remember learning in an undergrad children’s lit class that the Brothers Grimm did a lot of the initial sanitization…earlier versions of “Sleeping Beauty” include a striptease and the threat of cannibalism!


  8. Sleeping Beauty and Snow White always creeped me out b/c of the necrophiliac aspect. The only good/virtuous/beautiful woman is a dead woman?

    Even as a little girl that’s a hard one to wrap your mind around. (The dead baby as the cause of Miss Susie’s damnation? Not so much, but then I’ve never been all that gaga over the goo-goo set.)


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