That's why I wish again that I were in Michigan. . .

She’s so sweet here and so young–who can resist? 

I’m off to Michigan–did you guess?  Please do summer the Historiann way: get plenty of fresh air, wear sunscreen and bug spray P.R.N., and give yourself and your animals plenty of water.  Blogging will resume once I’ve groomed and watered the horses.  (It’s a long ride across the plains, after all.) I’ve got some research and writing to do out there, but I’ve packed Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad for my beach reading pleasure. Have any of you read it? Without spoilers, let me know what you thought about it.

As for other summer reading: Unlike Tenured Radical, I’m actually quite interested to read Jaycee Dugard’s new memoir (since I’m writing a book about a little girl captive, although hers was a captivity under very different circumstances.) What are you reading now, and/or what are you taking to the beach this summer?

(Confidential to Tenured Radical: congratulations and best wishes! This is wonderful news, and richly deserved.)

11 thoughts on “That's why I wish again that I were in Michigan. . .

  1. I’ve been unable (okay, unwilling) to establish yet another online ID over at the Chronicle, so I wasn’t able to ask the Radical herself: Radical, if you’re reading, congratulations, and where are you going?


  2. Have a great and safe trip, Historiann!!!

    I read _Moneyball_ earlier this summer, as the only available-in-the-airport (and in English) anodyne for a fifteen hour coach flight. It was more interesting than I expected, plus soon to be a movie I hear. Too bad *we* can’t make up goofy hybrid metrics for our occasional efforts at free agency. Maybe we do?

    Enjoy Michigan!


  3. FYI, Time magazine has an article up claiming that the “chore wars” and the “second shift” no longer matter because men really do equal work, but I’m not sure the author actually read _The Second Shift_, _The Feminine Mystique_ or any books at all on the “mommy track.” Go check it out.


  4. I recently purchased American Indians and National Parks (Keller and Turek), which I plan to read for a class this fall called “Sustainability.” My goal is to include the idea of cultural sustainability in with the usual environmental stuff. I’ve started looking for something to read about environmental crisis/catastrophe themes in art, pointers would be appreciated.


  5. At the daily pool, I am trying to progress through the flowery English of “Lords of the Horizons: A History of the Ottoman Empire.” On the road and back home slowly, two plus months, cutting through Paul Auster’s “The New York Trilogy.”


  6. Historiann, there’s an interesting profile/interview w/ Egan in the BFU Glossy for July/August. I could air freight it up to ya’, or one-hop it out to P’ville, but I imagine it’s also online.


  7. just back from the UP… so have a nice trip to Michigan!

    While on the road and over the remains of the summer I’ve been reading:

    Timothy Snyder, _Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin_ (Baisc: 2010)

    Paul Schroeder, _ The Transformation of European Politics, 1763-1848 (Oxford: 1994)

    Its strictly a busman’s holiday this summer!


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