Don't fence me in

Thanks, Maine!  We enjoyed the fried clams, the beaches, the Dunkin’ Donuts, and the pediatric surgeons.  We’re saddling up to ride out this morning–see you when we’re about a mile higher than Scarborough Beach.  I have to say, living at altitude makes running at sea level feel like I could run forever.  (For the first few weeks, anyway, and then the lungs adjust to the luxurious concentration of oxygen you eastern fops and dandies enjoy.)

You know what I always say, friends:  don’t fence me in.  (Leastwise, you probably don’t want my horse dancing in your house like Trigger does here, right?)  It’s back to the land of fat steaks and thin air for me.

6 thoughts on “Don't fence me in

  1. I hope you have a great trip back home. It sounds as if, despite the unexpected crises upsetting other plans, you had a pretty fabulous trip.

    Dare I call it vacation? I know that some work was involved in there and with academics, it’s sometimes hard to tell how much of a break really is a break.


  2. Heh. Back home now, but not until after a flight cancellation, much drama, and many mechanical and weather delays to boot. 8 hours in Dulles was plenty enough for me, thankyewverramuch.

    It seems like every trip I’ve taken in calendar 2011 so far has had at least delays if not MAJOR delays, flight cancellations, etc. But, I’m back safely, and United actually got my checked bag w/cowgirl boots intact back to Denver too.


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