Straight pride weekend, with a breast milk shooter

Why should the non-straights have all the fun?

That Hippy Johnny guy–how does he get all the girls, anyway? Here’s more straight world pride for you:

Here’s your bonus–a side of sour breast milk!

And if none of these are to your tastes, you might try this one on for size:

Later, friends! Don’t forget about next week’s big meetup at the Berks–click here for details!

6 thoughts on “Straight pride weekend, with a breast milk shooter

  1. I always understood the “straight” of “credit in the straight world” to equate with a conventionally respectable lifestyle (“leave your money when you die”), rather than sexuality.

    (And yes, I know the words to Hole songs.)


  2. Well, yeah — I was including that in the whole respectability thing. But apparently I missed the joke part.

    ::sigh:: Notorious is one tired little blogger, and not looking forward to having to give not one but *two* presentations tomorrow.


  3. Go back far enough, like 40 years or so, and “straight” coded as “not freak…”: as in not Hippie, not longhair, econ major not art major, frat not flag-burner, all of the many caricatured binaries of the 1960s, and so encompassing both Notorious’s and H’ann’s usages.


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