Where in the world is Historiann?

Famille Historiann is on a little road trip this weekend for a mini-spring break.  Here’s a little something I saw while we were making a pit stop Thursday night–I couldn’t resist sharing this with fellow academic blogger Undine at Not of General Interest, who is always delightfully cranky about the shocking amount of teh stoopid that infects our national and local conversations about higher education and education policy.  (For example, see her latest post on college students “Actually Going to Class?”  Surely not!)  I have no idea why this park is called Undine–perhaps it’s named after Undine Spragg?  (Perhaps Undine the blogger is too?)

So where am I?  I suppose all that I can say is, where the hell are all my brother husbands?

0 thoughts on “Where in the world is Historiann?

  1. If that photo is from the college town in the state to the north of your starting point, the park is reportedly named after some muckety-muck with Union Pacific when the park was founded in the late 1800s, which is a bit of a shame, since Undine Spragg looks more interesting. If it’s not from that college town, then the signs have an eerily similar crease in them…


  2. Brother husbands? Is that the opposite of sister wives?

    I want me some brother husbands. One who can cook, one to clean, one to do child/pet care, one to run errands, and one to ghost write/edit my research would be good too….. Oh wait, I think I want robot clones, not actual human beings with needs and demands. That would become tiresome.


  3. Are you checking your family line — to see whom you will meet in heaven? I hear they have a mountain with lots of demographic records from parishes throughout Europe.

    Then again, I currently am drunk. 8^D


  4. “Actually going to class?” I love these academic “back-to-the-futurologists,” with their frameworks and new paradigms, etc. Even when I was a freshman we knew the smirky proverb about not letting “school” interfere with your “education.” And we also knew to what degree it was true and to what degree it was merely cute. With time left over to get to class, which we tended to do, which still left time enough to bulls— day and night, hit the bars and cafes, and do laundry. So now it turns out you can trademark this stuff and take it on the webinar road? I’ll even stand up for the facts that melt in your mouth, not on your brain. They do, but they leave a residue of perception that metabolizes into your understanding. I guess I better get back to my lab to operationalize and outcome-ize this last claim, or I’ll never get asked to head up my U’s “Vision 2020” Team. That, in turn, could ruin your whole century!


  5. If there is an Undine Park, even if NOT named for the one and only Undine Spragg Moffatt Marvell de Chelles Moffatt, I may have to visit. Even if it is in Wyoming.

    Happy skiing Historiann!


  6. Maybe the sign points instead to the parking lot of the Undine Barge Club on Boathouse Row on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, a small Frank Furness gem. How many brother husbands does it take to row a *barge,* anyway?


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