Identity Theft: I iz a fictim!

Sausage party!

Check out The Pseudonym Exchange, a new blog inspired by Roxie’s wish to channel Dr. Crazy’s identity.  And now she can–except that the first post is by “Historiann” on something some old tool said to Professor Catharine R. Stimpson.  Over e-mail!  I really couldn’t have said it better “myself!”) 

I am officially the fictim of identity theft.  But if you click over there, you’ll see that I’ve claimed another fictim for myself!

0 thoughts on “Identity Theft: I iz a fictim!

  1. That’s a truly *stupendous* take on Historiann’s actual voice over there, and a not half bad one on Comrade P-P’s either. This is about the only funny thing to come out of that sad spectacle. Sad, to me, because I can remember like it was yesterday when Safer was distinctly and by a long shot the angry young turke at the network. At the end of the asteroid-shattering year of 1968, the CBS news staff gathered to do a “roundup” show on the year’s amazing events. Safer was the one who took the side of the longhairs, the Yippies, the Grant Park protesters, and the like, and he got royally pounded, and alternately, condescended to on air, by his senior colleagues. But, as we’ve all seen by now, the radicalism of the late 1960s fell well short of half a loaf on issues of gender and women’s rights. Still, it made me wince to hear that voice of cranky anger, partly, perhaps, because we all may look over our shoulders now and again for the appearance of the dreaded inner goat, coot, or whatever suggesting that the sap has dried into amber. Maybe Andy Rooney will come on in a minute and make it all better? Doubtful.


  2. Yay that others have gotten on board with the Pseudonym Exchange! (I’m feeling a bit stupid that I haven’t done a post over there yet, but I’m so swamped in my own stupid real life right now that I can’t handle anyone’s pseudonym but my own. Sigh.)


  3. Thanks for the shout-out, cowgirl, and, of course, for the spot-on channeling of PhysioProffe. Seriously, though, girlfriend, some of us are here to tell you that WordPress suckes some pretty serious asse, too. I’m using it for my course blog this semester. So far, underwhelmed, but you know what they say about old dogs and new tricks. It’s even harder for DEAD dogs.


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