Happy New Beer!


In this lost American decade, I’ve stopped hoping for better years, and have scaled back my ambitions a bit.  This way, there’s less of a disappointing mess to clean up in the morning! 

Here’s hoping you’re enjoying a lovely evening with someone you love.  I am, and I feel so fortunate.

0 thoughts on “Happy New Beer!

  1. Happy snowy New Year, Historiann! Mimosas getting ready to be poured here in COS. Just glad I’m not in that group that climbs Pike’s Peak every hear to shoot off fireworks for the New Year’s — nine below here tonight, can’t imagine the temperature at the Peak.


  2. Happy New Year, all. And not that I think it matters but good riddance to 2010.

    One child asleep, one awake, one hour (more or less) to go.


  3. Thanks, everyone! I hope your new year is starting out right.

    Paul, Fort Collins was something like -8 F last night, so yeah–not a great night to head up Pike’s Peak. (But it kind of sounds like fun–were it not for the possibility of drunk drivers on the mountain. . . )


  4. Historiann: Oh no, this is a group of hikers here who annually since 1922 have climbed the Peak on the Barr Trail and set off fireworks at midnight (I think only one year have they ever used the road, because of avalanche danger one time). Turns out, yesterday on the way up they encountered hurricane-force winds and sub-zero temps, and they made the decision for the first time in their history to cancel the hike one mile away from the Peak and get back down before someone died! So, no fireworks for us, but everyone’s alive!


  5. Happy New Year from TG and Mrs TG, who had a very happy New Year’s eve. Have a wonderful year, and please keep the enlightenment coming. Not to mention beer.


  6. In all the doom and gloom, the availability of good local beer is certainly something to celebrate. Hope 2011 gives us more! Happy New Year Historiann!


  7. Thanks, everyone, and a happy new year to you all. Colorado is bright and clear this morning–and already it’s 0 degrees F at 9:22 a.m.! I’d better get out to the barn and make sure the water hasn’t frozen and the animals have lots of fresh hay.

    (Susan, I’m looking forward to our trip to Texas–looks like I’d better spend the rest of my winter break writing the paper I said I’d write last summer!)


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