No, no snow here.  It’s all up in the mountains this year so far.  Still, this is a pretty good little holiday song: “How I’m longing to skiiiii!” Remember, it follows a scene in which the principal characters are complaining about the dry, snowless weather, which explains their sojourn to Vermont to find snow.

“What is Christmas with no snow?” Here’s hoping that if you’ve got snow it’s not too much for you to handle. A merry Christmas to those of you who keep the feast, and fond warm wishes to you all!

0 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Since you posted samples from this movie so often, I was really excited to watch it today for the first time! Boy was my mother confused when I sang along to the sister song after confessing that I’d never seen White Christmas before!


  2. Still dry as a bone and cold here, but there’s a rumored storm coming up the coast that may or may not provide a whiff of snow overnight. I hate not having snow, but at least I’m not lying on a mat at Heathrow or DeGaulle.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours, Historiann!


  3. Wow, all the computer models just flip-flopped and now they’re calling for a mega, category-5, “crippling” snow event in the Philadelphia area, more in greater New York, and exploding over New England tomorrow into Monday. People better hole up at Grandma’s house. This is starting to map onto the profile of the still-epic “April Fool’s Day” blizzard in 1997 that you’ll remember from Boston, Historiann.


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