It's my problem-free philosophy

Hakuna Matata!

This has been your post-exam week grading-frenzy weekend interlude. . . enjoy!  (And now you all know what I’m up to this weekend.)  Another interlude worth including here by Sebastian, “Under the Sea,” from The Little Mermaid (1989), but you’ll have to click the link because I’m too lazy right now to embed it.  “What more is you looking for?”

0 thoughts on “It's my problem-free philosophy

  1. Thanks, Historiann. I needed that. I’ve been a melted ball of graderplasm all day, moaning “need fluff…” “need fluff…” This should buy me one more day in the wheelhouse, which may just get the job done.

    And to all a goodnight.


  2. Hey, also, but first… Bless this honorable blog, and Happy Birthday/anniversary to it! Checking over in the archives section to the left, on a hunch, I discover that it’s three years old, give a day or two. Try doing *that* without a problem-free philosophy!


  3. Delaying as much as I can the terrible chore (and mine have little written, mostly computational), I keep in mind my oldest (also an academic) who says that in hell you grade exams full time.


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