I wanna be promoted!

Roxie wants to be promoted, and she’s made her own Xtranormal video explaining her reasoning.  (Er, I mean “Professor Sawyer’s” reasoning.)  I know that this wasn’t the point of her post–but as soon as I read her title, all I could think of is this song:

Sing it with me:  Bam bam bam bam buh bam bam bam bam–I wanna be promoted!  Bam bam bam bam buh bam bam bam bam–I wanna be promoted!  (But I might settle for sedation if it were offered.  Mmmmmmmnnnnnn.)

Have you been following the spate of rude little Xtranormal movies that are flitting around the academic blogosphere?  Tenured Radical made one for her new Planet University cartoon series that I’ll call “I Want a Raise,” Roxie has followed up with “I Want to be Promoted,” and Comrade PhysioProf has a marvel of obsenity called “Revise and Resubmit.”  I’m trying to think of making a cartoon, but the only ones I can come up with are pretty libelous.  Maybe I should make one called “I Want a Raise, a Promotion, and a Grant, Holmes!”  That would pretty much sum it all up, wouldn’t it?  (And I wouldn’t cast that necrotic looking old dean/department chair who keeps getting cast as the baddie in this flicks.)

0 thoughts on “I wanna be promoted!

  1. Damn you, Historiann! Now you’ve gone and put that song back in my head! 😉 Thanks for the link. Now, get crackin’ on your own ‘toon. You’ll want be with all us Intertoob superstars when we go to Hollywood to collect our statues. You can get all gussied up in city clothes and everything! See you on the red carpet, cowgirl.


  2. “Twenny, twenny, twenny four hours ago…..” Catch the latest episode of Planet University. Part of what fascinates me is the ability to create these odd, liminal characters by mixing and matching bodies and voices.

    OK, gotta go to my day job.


  3. Thanks for the Ramones earworm. That’ll take a few hours to purge!

    I’ve thought about making a video, but it wouldn’t be nearly as funny as some of the ones I’ve seen (the “I want to be an English professor” comes to mind). There’s also a hilarious “I want to go to law school” one where some chirpy kid talks to a corporate lawyer that gets a lot of play in my house (Spouse is a law prof).


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