I was wrong!

Dang--and it's a new one, too!

Michael Bennet has just been elected Senator.  (I suppose I’ll have to stop calling him “Senator” with the scare quotes now.)  If you recall, I predicted in August before the primary:  “Bennet will either lose next week, or he’ll lose in November.  He’s going to have to clean out his desk in January, in any case.”  Well, I was wrong.  The Denver Postis calling it for Bennet, with 47.5% to Ken Buck’s 47.1% of the vote and a lead of about 7,000 votes.

The sound you hear is of me eating my cowgirl hat!  But, I still stand by all of the low-down dirty things I said about Michael Bennet, whose d00dly white privilege is the only thing that explains his mysterious success at getting appointed to jobs he hasn’t trained for and hasn’t earned.  And if you doubt me about his Locust Valley Lockjaw, just click here and listen to this recording of his phone call to a local radio stationUnbelievable!

0 thoughts on “I was wrong!

  1. Historiann: Still not convinced that this should be called, helluva lot of provisional and military ballots still to be counted (and not just in Boulder county). Hopefully D. Post has run the projections and knows something I don’t know about the ballots still there, as you said in comments on the previous post.

    Looks like the wave carried out our State Treasurer Cary Kennedy, who was (along with Romanoff) the person most responsible for Referenda C and D back in 2005, without which higher ed. would be in a far worse place even than it is now, which is bad enough. I know that Treasurer races don’t get much attention, but she was/is terrific and I hope she can recover and run for a State or even federal seat somewhere down the line.

    Bennett v. Buck — yuck, what a dispiriting contest.


  2. Agree with you about Kennedy, Paul. What kind of an electorate manages to vote for both Walker Stapleton AND Michael Bennet (if only just barely)? I don’t even wanna know. I’m wondering if Stapleton got pity votes from a lot of Republicans who ended up voting for Hick because they knew they needed to be somewhat responsible.

    Women pols don’t get a fair shake in this state. I don’t think they get a particularly fair shake anywhere, but Colorado seems to me to be an especially egregious men’s club, party invariate.


  3. WHAT? HWAT?

    Bennet couldn’t be bothered even to make talking points work, then had no reflexive handling of rumors and scandals that weren’t even related to his campaign?

    Like he could have said, “Peter, I’d rather talk about the issues the state’s people *care* about” — like he’s too hopped-up on cough syrup to even make anything but a robotic response? The day before the election, when it all comes down to turnout?



  4. Was Colorado partially immune to the Tea Party/Republican fervor sweeping the land?

    Anyway, I kind of thought this might happen. Buck couldn’t close the deal, the Republican on the governor’s ballot was weak, put those together and it can spell a very narrow escape for an uninspiring candidate.


  5. Just to add: of course, you also shouldn’t be so hard on yourself for getting this one wrong. With that margin of victory (a few thousand votes) it’s basically a coin flip at that point anyway. Bennet was lucky.


  6. Was Colorado partially immune to the Tea Party/Republican fervor sweeping the land?

    If it was immune, Buck and the citizenship for blastocysts initiative got a surprising number of votes.


  7. Heh. Well, sometimes the northeastern fratdouches win one, sometimes they lose. This year’s Senate race in CO was kind of both, since both Buck and Bennet are transplanted Eastern Ivy-Leaguers. (So are Fratguy and I, for that matter.) Sic transit gloria mundi.

    I think you’re right KC that the top of the ticket Dan Maes was shockingly unqualified and ridiculous, even by Tea Party standards.

    As for the “personhood” amendment 62 that snobographer mentions–well, there is that segment of the population that will vote for anything. But, this is the second time that Colorado voters have given the equal rights for fetuses amendment a thumpin’. Last I saw, 62 went down by a 3-1 margin, proving that some anti-abortion nuts don’t really think that living women and girls are outranked by an embryo that may or may not survive in their uteri.


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