Roundin' 'em up and ridin' on out

Arches?  Arches?  I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ arches.”  We’re having a krazy desert kamping weekend in Arches National Park anyway.  In October!  What can I say–Fratguy is a New Englander, so the less comfortable he is, the more fun he’s having.  (Plus, he does all the work and delivers my steaming mug of coffee in the morning while I snooze in my 20-degree bag.)  I’m a little abashed that I’ve lived in Colorado for nearly a decade and I’m just now getting around to this trip.

Blogging will resume when we cross back over the state line.  Talk amongst yourselves.  And be nice!

0 thoughts on “Roundin' 'em up and ridin' on out

  1. Both my husband and I got our fill of winter and mountain camping while we were younger: he in Montreal, I in various venues all across middle America. And now living north of what the big city folk call “cottage country”, we’ve decided that we’re already remote enough right here in our cozy ol’ homestead. No camping for us! But I’ll wish you a lovely time on your rustic retreat!


  2. I’ve lived in Pennsylvania for the best part of a whole life and have never even seen Jersey Shore (PA), :), but this may well end within the month. Sounds like you’re getting Utah covered like a drumhead, Historiann. Have a great trip and pack warm!


  3. Rustonite said: “as a fellow New Englander, I understand. It got below freezing here today for the first time this year, and I wear it’s the first time in six months I’ve felt comfortable.”

    Oh, lucky, lucky you. I’m in the deep South where it seldom gets cold. I’ve come to believe that genetically I’m bred for nothern latitudes and never, ever will acclimate to this environment. To be *home* and experience both a hard frost and definite seasons…

    The camping? Eh, when dating my “boy scout” years ago it was all fun. Now I see no virtue in roughing it. Give me a motel at night and I’ll hike all day but that’s as far as I’m goin’.



  4. “Fratguy is a New Englander, so the less comfortable he is, the more fun he’s having.”

    We don’t have fun. We just have varying levels of contentedness.


  5. The most magnificent landscape I have ever seen. A girlfriend made me drive an hour out of our way to see them against my will. The most amazing, stunning and beautiful location I have ever been dragged to kicking and screaming!



  6. I spent spring break a couple years ago camping in Arches. An 18 hour car ride there and then a week of camping in the snow was actually exactly what I needed. Enjoy the time away and say “Hi” to Moab for all of us!


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