As if there aren't enough wealthy white men in politics

Rich whities in their natural habitat

I laughed so hard I almost did a spit take on my morning newspaper when I saw this story about a mistake in a candidate’s name on Chicago voting machines:

It’s the typo to end all typos: Illinois gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney’s name is misspelled as “Rich Whitey” on some electronic-voting machines in Chicago, and officials say the problem can’t be fixed before election day.

Maybe he should have stuck with “Richard,” or chosen “Dick” or “Rick” as a nickname.  (I’m not blaming the victim–I’m just sayin’.)

0 thoughts on “As if there aren't enough wealthy white men in politics

  1. Totally hilarious! He’s the Green Party candidate and the error isn’t in all of Chicago’s voting machines–but one wonders how all the news coverage may affect voting.


  2. This is too funny. Really seems like a Chicagoland thing, too. Rich enough to run for guv’nor, so he won’t need a bag man. No bliss, no blige…


  3. I never get tired of rich white doodz. With all the rage, and racism and entitlement, and I don’t know how I’d ever understand anything without mansplanations for all phenomena. Rich Whitey gets my vote every time. Though more seriously it makes me kind of sad that this error happened to the Green Party candidate, since the green party is lots more diverse than the others.


  4. Reminds me of when I went to a faculty get-together hosted by Richard Gentry, and when we couldn’t find it the helpful directions-lady we asked then inquired if we were part of “the Rich Gentry group.”


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