Happy birthday to me, and to you

UPDATE, 8/29/10:  See Blake’s review of our Dinner at the Farm, including fire-breathers, fire dancers, and fireworks!  Plus cucumber and mint-infused G & Ts, a gorgeous view of the mountains at dusk, lots of friendly dogs, and much, much more.

It seems like almost everyone I know and love has a late summer birthday–ej, Mark, Kathleen, Blake, and Dad. Consider this a lazy, lazy happy birthday wish for us all!  (And it was coincidentally recorded last year on my birthday.)  For those of you who remember the 80s (and I know that all of you listed above do!), Comrade PhysioProf posted this birthday classic by Altered Images earlier this month.

I love the 40s!

I just wish a$$holes would stop giving speeches and holding rallies on my birthday. It used to be a pretty classy day.  Then two years ago I couldn’t go out to dinner in Denver because The Precious was giving The Speech, and now this.  (Thank goodness I haven’t lived anywhere near the Lincoln Memorial for fourteen years.)

More reporting on my birthday dinner to follow on this blog.

0 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me, and to you

  1. Happy Birthday.

    (obviously, I disagree with any comparison of Glenn Beck’s bastardization of this historic day with the President speaking on the same day & actually including real honor for MLK and the civil rights struggle)


  2. Hey Historiann, have a great Birthday! But don’t think giving a rat’s ass is something that suddenly begins to happen as you move out from there! Moving up/downhill to my winter pasture this day, for better or for worse.


  3. Thanks, all. Sussuro, I didn’t mean to imply any comparison of Obama to Beck beyond the fact that they both planned big events on *my birthday*. I just was p!$$ed off that I couldn’t go out on my 40th birthday b/c the Dem Convention made it utterly impossible.


  4. Happy Birthday! I didn’t know you were so lucky as to follow mine by only 4 days! (I celebrated this year by having the first meeting of my class.)


  5. The 40s . . . . the 40s. Let me look around and see if I can track down someone who remembers them, and maybe I can pass along some word of wisdom.

    Hmmm. Oops, sorry. No one around here matches that description. You’re on your own, kiddo. Have a BLAST, Historiann, and keep fightin’ the good fight. We’re just as pleased as we can be to share the blogosphere with you.

    Love from all your pals in Roxie’s World,
    The Big (Dead) Dog, the Typist, and the Goose


  6. Happy Birthday Historiann. I started planning my mid-life crisis last year but I have yet to convince anybody else in my family that we should cast off our worldly possessions and build one of these. Perhaps I can start with more naps.


  7. Happy B-Day. You know, I, too, was just noticing that so many of my historian friends have late August b’days (myself included). I see a sociology study in the works. Maybe we can make up our own control group like some Harvard profs I could name…


  8. Shaz–you know, there are an awful lot of historians I know who were born in August and September. I don’t put any stock in astrology, but . . . Virgos are supposedly very detail-oriented and perfectionist.

    Susan, I didn’t know you had a late August b-day, too! Happy birthday to you, and to Shaz, who turned 42 on Aug. 14, IIRC. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, and be sure to read Blake’s report on our Dinner at the Farm.


  9. wow dinner sounds amazing & yeah, everybody is allowed to pout on their birthday, too much Beck coverage skewed my read that’s all. Happy birthday again! 🙂


  10. I hear you, Susurro. Father Coughlin had nothin’ on this guy. He’s brilliant at what he does (loathesome thought it is), but I suspect he’s highly unstable. That’s in part what makes him so watchable–half his audience must be just watching for the train wreck.

    Fortunately, the laws of celebrity physics dictate that what goes up must come down, and the more meteoric the rise the more spectacular the fall.


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  12. Oooh, Historiann is a Virgo! This puts a whole new spin on things!

    Just got back from Burning Man and catching up on old blog posts… sorry I missed your birthday! However, it sounds like you had a wonderful outing, complete with your very own poi spinners and other fire performers!


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