Where the hell is my flying car?

Eat your heart out, Judy Jetson.  I got a new car.  (Thanks, Fratguy!) 

I had higher hopes for what cars of the 21st century would be like, but I’ll have to settle for a new-used 2008 Prius, which satisfies my compulsive frugality completely.  It doesn’t fly, but I think I’m going to take it to a custom shop and get doors like a Delorean that at least look like wings when you open them.  (So long as it doesn’t screw with my mileage too much, that is.)

With my house built in 1951 and my 21st century car, it’s all Back to the Future, all the time at chez Historiann!

0 thoughts on “Where the hell is my flying car?

  1. Um, yes–the latter. The brakes went out a few weeks ago. We repaired them, but decided that it was starting to suffer from the dwindles.

    Funny story: the car salesman gave us a trade-in deal, but then immediately said, “I’m not gonna keep this car on my lot.”


  2. Congratulations, Historiann! We can fret a bit less about your commute up-mountain now when the snow starts flying out there. Can you really get aftermarket gullwings put on a car, or is this just a “Transformers” [R] kind of a reverie? Talk about generations!


  3. Don’t forget to employ some American by ordering an expensive American made item(s).

    On second thought, it may be made by them terrible illegals, so be careful not to take above item with you to Arizona.


  4. I wish, CPP. (I think I was the only teenager in the 1980s to “just say ‘no’,” per Nancy Reagan’s advice.) Now it’s probably too late to develop anything other than a really unattractive alcohol dependency.

    Susan, I thought about the Chevy Volt, or a plug-in bubble car, but my car was seriously circling the drain, and I knew I probably couldn’t hold out until there was a reasonably priced used Volt, or whatever. (Plus, I’ve had GM cars forever. Time for a change. They’ve been extremely reliable and maintenance-free cars, though, I must say.)

    We always get used cars. We’re cheap. What can I say?


  5. “Now it’s probably too late to develop anything other than a really unattractive alcohol dependency.”

    Oh, pshaw. You can totally develop a dependency on prescription drugs.


  6. Congratulations ! Welcome to the hybrid world and “how many mpg are you getting?” Three years ago they were not very common in northern New England and we used to wave to each other at stop lights.Now there seem to be lots, must be us frugal types up here.


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