Pass the popcorn, and mix up a pitcher of Pisco Sours!

Triple suicide at fifteen paces!

Here’s your free laugh of the day, friends.  I bring you the return of Colorado’s crazziest Republican politician yet, Tom Tancredo!

Former GOP Congressman Tom Tancredo issued an ultimatum Thursday to both Republican gubernatorial candidates: Drop out of the race or I will jump in as a third-party candidate.

Tancredo’s entry as an American Constitution Party candidate likely would create a GOP implosion, splitting the vote in the general election and handing a win to Democrats.

Campaigns for Dan Maes and Scott McInnis said the Republican candidates intended to remain in the race. 

.       .       .       .       .       .      .       .       .      

Tancredo, who said neither GOP candidate could win the general election and would be a “disaster” for those running down the party ticket, gave the two until noon Monday to commit to getting out of the race the day after the primary if polling shows then that the GOP winner is trailing [Democrat John] Hickenlooper. If not, he will announce Monday that he is seeking the nomination of the Constitution Party.

Yeah, that American Constitution Party, which is “‘pro-life, pro-states’ rights, pro-Second Amendment’ and is for limited government, according to its website. It opposes illegal immigration and open borders.”  (That pretty much sounds like today’s Zombie Republican party, but just a tiny bit more up front about the crazzy.)  Tancredo is like the dumba$$ who pulls the pin on a grenade and threatens to blow himself up if he doesn’t get what he wants.  Most non-Republican non-crazzies in this state would let him turn himself into a fine, pink mist–and I have a feeling that not a few Republicans would join us after this announcement.

Forget Democratic Party circular firing squads–we’ve got High Noon at the OK Corral out here, friends.  August should be a blast.

0 thoughts on “Pass the popcorn, and mix up a pitcher of Pisco Sours!

  1. I enjoy laughing at Tom Tancredo. It’s nice to see that parts of the Borg are also capable of blowing themselves up. This is not my most charitable emotion, but sometimes one has to take pleasure in such things as one can.


  2. Well, like I said: it’s your free laugh of the day! I will give this to Tancredo: he’s crazzy, but he appears to really enjoy being the crazzy guy, so there’s something infectious about the whole act.


  3. I want to laugh at Tancredo and his ilk, but I am starting to see the failure of the Republican Party as a sign of America’s failure to broadly educate its denizens about: citizenship, good government, the meaning of common sense, the need for intellectuals, and the need for a more vigorous common culture. – TL


  4. Wow, this one almost bridges “wankers” and “fluff” (known back East as the Brooklyn Strike or Brooklyn Pocket)! I wonder if you could get me on Hick’s invite list for the celebratory kegger when this thing runs its likely course!


  5. Oh, h’ann — It’s like you knew how much I needed some good entertainment this morning. Thank you.

    You’ll keep us posted, I hope? I’ll bring the popcorn – I’ve discovered a way to season it with a blend of sweet curry and some other stuff, so I know we’ll have a good time.


  6. Yum! I have a feeling that this will be the race that will keep on giving well after the Aug. 10 primary.

    I’ve become terribly cynical about politics, so I’m trying to get out of it what I can, and if all of that is a few belly laughs and a heap o’schadenfreude, then so be it.


  7. Now, who was it who thought the California gubernatorial race was the only interesting one this fall? I’d give anything for something this much fun.


  8. talk about a gift that keeps on giving… Tancredo is just timeless… Maybe the GOP is finally developing a talent for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory on par with the Democratic Party…


  9. A friend of mine in North Carolina told me that a UNC Chapel Hill chapter of the far right group, the Youth for Western Civilization, keep bringing Tancredo to campus. YWC puts the zzz in crazzy. One can only hope the Constitution Party manages to draw enough Tea Party people to damage the GOP…


  10. Holy sh*t Jeremy – the YOUTH FOR WESTERN CIVILIZATION?!? This sounds to be like “Hitler Youth” very thinly veiled. I’m astonished that a group like that could get university funding for its existence. And it makes me feel ickier about teaching Western Civ.


  11. Do they do their homework in Western Civ., and actually read their Hobbes, Locke, and Hume? Have they started a Renaissance or Englighenment club? Have they torn down the barricades of anything yet and started any Revolutions? Have they nailed 95 theses to anything yet?

    If so, I’d be all for it. I kind of doubt that that’s what they’re about.


  12. Hmmm. When some Associate Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives gets wind of this it’s going to head straight to a new “affinity group” business model for keeping the curriculum stocked: “Friends of Social Psychology”; “Students for Intro to Semiotics.” Can the personal seat license be far behind? I like this not.


  13. Historiann, please to be looking on the mail ballot, and let us Color-ans know what fresh hell the GOPs are sneaking onto the ballot? I mean, they *can’t* be this incompetent without having a secretly convoluted initiative to crown Doug Bruce king or something?

    And “personal seat license”? What the what????

    And YWC? Someone’s got to follow the money with these brownshirts….


  14. cgeye–I think it’s possible that they’re both evil and stupid, but that stupid is winning this year. This is an occupational hazard for Republicans: they want to coronate a candidate rather than let a primary take its course, so this is what happens sometimes. (Plus, Bob Dole and John McCain.)

    OTOH, letting a primary run its course doesn’t always guarantee the best candiate emerges in the long run, either.


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