Ah, wilderness!

A bit overdressed, aren't we?

Well, friends–it’s time for me to head on up to the mountains again.  Summer here is short–so we’ve got to get a move on, and it’s a good weekend to get the heck out of Dodge.  It’s our annual wilderness camping trek, so tonight I’ll be sleeping at 11,000 feet!  That’s right–unlike the campers shown here, we’re carrying everything in and out on our backs.  Phew!  Apparently, there’s good fishing where we’re going.  Now, I don’t fish–so I’m wondering just how heavy a few books are going to feel after hiking a few miles in with my frame pack.

In the meantime, I think the last time I updated my blogroll was in about. . . well, never.  Here are some fun and fab blogs I’ve been meaning to add to my list–please put your suggestions (or your blogs) in the comments below, and we’ll see if I can get around to this little bit of housekeeping this summer when I get back!  Click around and stay awhile.

Now you all behave yourselves and I’ll see you next week, rain or shine.

0 thoughts on “Ah, wilderness!

  1. Myself at 9,000 ft attending a family celebration. The air is not too thin although some do complain (habit?). Nothing helps one cook for 13 people than a 30 year academic career. Then my youngest, and wisest, who is an even better cook and help a lot.

    Never understood fishing. Where I come from they ask: does a fisherman like fish? A positive is followed by another question: so why does he kills them?

    Have a great time. Take breaks for hiking.


  2. It’s great that you’re off for some R&R, though I confess I feel a bit forlorn when I check the site and there have been no new postings! I’m off myself for the ultimate iron-man family vacation next week (several days in the car with small children). We’ll be in your backyard, Historiann, soaking in some snow-covered peaks and fresh pine air. If you hear the angry shriek of a blond toddler pulling a frazzled looking mother in early August, it could be me!


  3. Hi Historiann. Halfway back from wherever at this point. (Actually, a cat just walked across my keyboard so I have no idea what this comment will include). At least I’m not dealing with a French keyboard anymore. Have a great break at 11,000 feet! You have to be at the least a baronet to fish for anything where I am tonight!


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