And now a post written by my Sitemeter

historiann 35
belle 14
athletic women 4
burning man sex 3
muscular female athletes 3
7 up baby 3
knitting the barbie’s clothes 3
tenure 3
captain scarlet angels 2
professor of sexual histories 2


Check it out–this is how sickos on the ‘net find me.  (This is actually a snapshot of an unusual day, because there’s always at least one request for “hot 40 year old women,” “cougars” or “hot athletic women” in the top ten of search engine terms.) 

I have no idea why you’re here.  Clearly, you must be looking for another blog.  (I hope these little trips down memory lane make up for all of the posts featuring pictures of dogs, dudes, and sausages last week.)

0 thoughts on “And now a post written by my Sitemeter

  1. “Sexy ebony legs” is one of the search terms that led to my blog today. Also, I changed its name because I have been getting a lot of abusive troll traffic, due to having mentioned my lukewarm reaction to a new Mexican film. The film’s fans hate me for that, hate me, hate me, and I had to add a fire god to my identity because what they had to say was too depressing.


  2. People come to my blog (a lot) based on searches about Japanese jazz. I did write one post comparing two scholars’ conclusions about Japanese jazz and reggae fans and artists, but that’s it. I feel rather bad for those searchers…

    Oh, and I used to get searchers who Googled “I love Tim Keating”. He’s a retired Navy admiral.

    I’m still not sure why people Google that.


  3. Sitemeters are curiously compelling things, aren’t they?

    My own Top 5 search engine efforts runs to the following, and I’m still baffled how some of them led people to my modest blog.

    • how to get superhuman strength naturally

    • giant penis of prehistoric crocodile

    • birth defects of the earls of strathmore

    • uncommon fish that start with the letter P

    • coffins for the obese


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